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If you are outside Australia and would like global physical activity updates subscribe to theGlobal Physical Activity Network (GlobalPANet).


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Privacy Statement

Your personal information is being or has been collected by the Heart Foundation to facilitate services requested by you and /or to keep you informed about Heart Foundation related activities.我们尊重您的隐私并接受隐私法中包含的原则。心脏基金会(我们)us,我们是澳大利亚国家心脏基必威体育金会和澳大利亚国家和地区所有相关的心脏基金会,full details of which can be found in our Privacy Notice.我们将来可能会联系您,以促进心脏健康信息和计划,研究,fundraising purposes and invitations to events.If you attend our events you may be photographed or filmed and images &/or audio may be used in various mediumsto promote the Heart Foundation.如果您不想被拍照或拍摄,请告知活动人员。如果法律要求或为了方便我方提供服务,可向第三方提供个人详细信息,in so doingyour personal information may be disclosed to overseas recipients.Further information is available in our Privacy Notice or on request.我们的通信可能包括邮件,email,social media,SMS or telephone contact and may also include messageson behalf of event sponsors and other third parties.通过向我们提供您的信息,您同意您已无限期地同意此联系。尽管如此,我们可能无法向您提供所要求的服务,但您可以随时撤回同意。心脏基金会不会透露你的信息给任何第三方的营销目的。

如果您不想收到我们的进一步通信(与本服务相关的信息除外),或者如果您对隐私有任何疑问,请通过您首都的邮政信箱9966联系我们的隐私官,,致电1300 55 02 82。Our APP privacy policy is set out in our Privacy Notice and details how you may complain about privacy issues and how we would deal with that complaint.It also explains how you can access,correct or update informationwe hold about you.A copy of our Privacy Notice is available at or on request.[HFPS01-140410-F]